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International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
High Quality English Language Training and Tuition.
Most widely respected English-language test in the world.
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Business English

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Academic English


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


It’s a test preparation program specifically designed for students who will pursue higher international education, permanent residence or career in the UK, Australia, or other British English-based speaking countries.

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It’s a test preparation program for students who will pursue higher education or those who want to pursue careers or residence in the American English-based speaking countries, particularly in the USA.

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It’s a test preparation program for those who want to measure English proficiency as an international communication.

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    Oxford English Academy (OEA) exhibition event is being held at Mall Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading. This event was held for

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    One more international brands will attend an English course in Kelapa Gading. This brand is the Oxford English Academy (OEA),

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Communication Forum

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OEA STAFF: Dear guest 8681 : Kami hanya ada di Jl.Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading Blok WE2 No.1H Jakarta Utara
Guest_1415: hello. i wanna join the class, General English.
OEA STAFF: Hai...please came to OEA
Guest_2477: hello there,
Guest_2477: I am interested in Business english
Guest_2477: All courses related to business English. I could find general information on them, but no time table.
Guest_2477: what I would like to know;
Guest_2477: 1. Fixed time table for business english(all courses related to business english)
Guest_2477: 2. tuition fee of them.
Guest_2477: if it is hard to answer,
Guest_2477: could you advise me please?
OEA STAFF: Dear guest 2477 : We will email for more information and thank you for ask
Guest_7466: hello there
Guest_7466: im looking for an english course to improve my english
Guest_7466: for my preparation to ielts test
Guest_7466: can you give me some advice and about tuition fee or anything else ?
Guest_7466: this is my email
OEA STAFF: Dear guest 7466 we will answer your question by email
Guest_5192: Apakah di sana membutuhkan guru part time untuk seorang pria berwarganegara America? Saat ini dia mengajar Di salah Satu international school Di jakarta.
Guest_5192: Jika ada mohon email ke thanks
Guest_7095: Mohon info untuk jadwal dan biaya kursus program ielts. Thx
Guest_7095: Email
OEA STAFF: Dear guest 7095 kami jawab by email ya ...
Guest_2327: Need more information for business english class: presentation, negotiation, meeting and correspondence. Any schedule, tuition fee, branch location?
Guest_4854: Hello OEA, bisakah kirim tuition fee ke emailku di
Guest_4854: Thanks
OEA STAFF: Dear Guest 2327 kami sudah menjawab pertanyaan melalui Email ya..Thank you for visit out Website
OEA STAFF: Dear Guest 4854 Kami akan info by Email, namum tuition fee untuk program apa?
Guest_7166: Siang, bisa minta info tuition fee dikirimkan ke email untuk preparation ielts dan toefl ibt. thx
Guest_1525: Pagi..boleh minta info untuk biaya kursus utk anak7-9tahun bserta program &waktu belajarnya..kirim ke telp k45840348 tidak diangkat..terimakasih.
OEA STAFF: Dear guest 7166.. Sudah kami kirimkan untuk info tuition fee by email ya.. Thank you for visit our website
OEA STAFF: Dear Guest 1525.. Sudah kami kirimkan untuk info tuition fee by email ya.. Thank you for visit our website
Guest_3142: pagi, mau minta info untk biaya business english nya.. untuk program 3 bulan. email saya terima kasih
OEA STAFF: Dear guest 3142 kami sudah coba jelaskan by email tetapi email anda tidak bisa


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